Special thanks again to Billy Joe Willet who describes himself as “a displaced Pagosa Springs refugee.  Left this little piece of heaven in the San Juan Mountains at the age of 17 to join the Navy. Honorable discharged after completed a so called kiddie cruise just under four years. Retired from a major aerospace mfg. and now spend my days nursing aches and pains.”

If you love Pagosa, I encourage you to visit his “Please Turn Back the Years” blog where he says:  “Ever wonder why so much effort is put into growing up and achieving great wealth or stardom? If only we could turn back the years, maybe we would have treasured such simple things as a family at meal time saying a simple prayer of thanks for the biscuits and gravy or a special thanks for a chicken leg from your fathers coup.”

Enjoy the pictures and check out some of his other vintage Pagosa Springs photographs on previous “All Things Pagosa” posts.

Stop by Mr. Willet’s personal blog “Please Turn Back the Years” and let thank him for sharing all these great vintage Pagosa Springs photographs with us in his comments section.  And be sure to check out some of his other vintage Pagosa Springs photographs on previous “All Things Pagosa” posts.

Thanks for visiting “All Things Pagosa” and feel free to call or write me anytime for any of your Pagosa Springs real estate needs.

D. West Davies

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