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More About Me

Like most of us here I settled in Pagosa Springs because of its unparalleled beauty. Pagosa attracts a special type of person – someone who is tired of the traffic, crime and unfriendliness of the bigger cities. Pagosa is a destination, a place that people dream of living in, a place that people save for years and years and count the days until they can move here. Pagosa is land of healing, vibrancy and activity.

I live here with my wife Mellane, and our children Katriel (8) Evan (2) and Avianna (1).

The Davies Family

We enjoy the summer activities such as hiking, biking and photography. In the winter, the ski slopes are just minutes away. Or we can cross country ski in our neighborhood or ride snowmobiles in the forest.

I enjoy working with the special folks who dream of living in Pagosa Springs. The excitement they bring with them is contagious and it reminds me of the time I first laid eyes on this beautiful place.

I take pride in knowing the area well and making sure that I can help a buyer find that special property that fits their desires. I’m also a great listener. I believe it’s important to find you the property you want – not the property I want you to buy. As a REALTOR, I subscribe to our strict code of ethics, ensuring my buyers the highest ethical treatment.

The internet continues to change our business dramatically. Mellane and I spend countless hours improving our website so we can provide our buyers and sellers accurate and visually appealing information about our town through the use of interactive maps, photographs and videos. Please continue to check our website from time to time to see the new and exciting features we continue to add.