I started the “Driving Pagosa Springs” video series one after hearing time and time again from Pagosa property buyers about what an area looks like.  And I was pretty sure that Google wasn’t going to bring their Street View team to our little town anytime soon.

I’ve had mostly favorable reaction to the series — mostly from Pagosa diaspora.  They comment about how much they miss Pagosa and watching the videos help feel like they are home again.

I got the idea based on the popularity of our Pagosa Springs web cams.  Believe it or not, I regularly get calls telling us that a particular camera is not working properly (mostly in the winter when the snow weighs down the camera and makes a repair difficult) and the caller needs it up right away so they can get through their day in whatever office cubicle they want to momentarily escape from.

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Locals, especially younger men, find it difficult to understand the appeal these videos have outside Pagosa Springs.  I had one guy write on Facebook, “What kind of person films a drive through town?  You need to leave Pagosa.”  after I posted my “Driving Snowball Road” video last month.  I just defriended him and deleted the comment instead of getting into back-n-forth with a hater.

The “Driving Pagosa Springs” videos are actually the easiest to post because they take very little editing.  I just clean my front windshield, crank up the radio (I try to keep the radio on KWUF or KSUT so out-of-towners can hear our local radio stations), rest my right arm on the arm rest for stability and drive around the bumps the best I can.  And they take minimal editing.

As always, feel free to subscribe to my All Things Pagosa YouTube channel to make sure you are the first to see the latest Driving Pagosa Springs videos.  Comments are also greatly appreciate. And feel free to drop me a line requesting a driving video in your favorite Pagosa Springs neighborhood.

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