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MLS 664209     Harman Park Lot D-6     .41 Acres     $42,695
MLS 664210     Harman Park Lot D-7     .42 Acres     $44,823
MLS 664206     Harman Park Lot D-3     .51 Acres     $54,428
MLS 664205     Harman Park Lot D-2     .55 Acres     $63,875
MLS 664207     Harman Park Lot D-4     .57 Acres     $58,659
MLS 664208     Harman Park Lot D-5     .61 Acres      $63,842
MLS 664212     Harman Park Lot F           5 Acres       $609,840
MLS 664211      Harman Park Lot E          7.23 Acres  $827,064

All Things Pagosa is proud to announce the listing of the remaining eight parcels available in the upscale Harman Business Park located on the south side of the Hwy 160/Piedra Road intersection in Pagosa Springs, CO. This intersection has some of the highest traffic counts in Pagosa Springs. The commercial subdivision is currently home to Wells Fargo Bank, Pagosa Bible Church, Trinity Anglican Church and the world famous Fred Harman Art Museum.

The subdivision features paved roads, sidewalks, Hwy 160 frontage and big north & east mountain views. It is an ideal location for tourism-related businesses that need high visibility such as hotels/resorts, restaurants, museums, etc.

These are rock-bottom prices that make building your Pagosa Springs business feasible and should appeal to a Pagosa Springs commercial real estate investor as well. Below are links to a subdivision plat map, the covenants/restrictions, architectural design and construction guidelines.  Click the listings mentioned above for more details and photos for each listing.

Harman Park Plat Map
Harman Park Architectural Design Review Criteria & Guidelines – 2-1-06
Harman Park Construction Criteria & Guidelines – 2-1-06
Harman Park Declaration of Restrictions & Grant of Easements – 1-9-03
Harman Park First Amendment to Declaration of Restrictions & Grant of Easements – 12-10-04
Harman Park Second Amendment to Declaration of Restrictions & Grant of Easement – 6-8-05
Harman Park Corrected Supplemental Declaration to Declaration of Restrictions & Grant Easements 4-14-05
Harman Park Vacation & Restatement of the Supplements & Amendments to the Declaration of Restrictions & Grant of Easements – 11-7-05
Harman Park Maintenance Director Roles & Responsibilities – 2-2-05
Town of Pagosa Springs Zoning Map
Harman Park Lots & Prices Plat


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