Special thanks to the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce for providing us a list of which Pagosa Springs restaurants and grocery stores will be open (and their hours) for the 2017 holiday season. All phone numbers are 970 area code. Be sure to check out our Pagosa Springs Events Calendar for other great holiday information as well!  View the information below in a printable format.

Restaurants Phone (All Numbers970 Area Code Winter Hours Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve New Years Day
2 Chicks & A Hippy 731-6020 6:30AM-2PM CLOSED        
Ajia 264-5928 11AM-9PM OPEN 11AM-9PM?        
Alley House Grill 264-0999 4:30PM-9PM CLOSED 4:30PM-9PM CLOSED 4:30PM-9PM 4:30PM-9PM
Borde Rio 264-6274 11AM-9PM Closed on Monday OPEN 4PM        
Boss Hoggs 731-2626 11AM-10PM OPEN Traditional Menu OPEN 11AM-10PM OPEN 11AM-10PM    
Boulder Coffee Café 585-1019 6:30AM-4PM CLOSED 6:30AM-4PM CLOSED    
Café Colorado 731-2024 6AM-2PM (M-F) 7AM-2PM Sat, 7AM-1PM Sun CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED    
Chato’s 731-3545 11AM-10PM Sun-Thur, 11PM Fri & Sat OPEN        
Chavalo’s 731-2501 7AM-9PM CLOSED OPEN CLOSED    
City Market 731-6000 6AM-10PM 6AM-3:30PM 6AM-6PM CLOSED    
Coyote Moon Bar & Grill 507-8696 11AM-11PM Tue-Thur;3PM-11PM Sun, Mon CLOSED        
Dorothy’s 264-3164 7AM-2PM M-F, 8AM-1PM Sat CLOSED Thur – Sun        
Los Dos Charros 731-2454 8AM-9PM M-F, 7AM-9PM Sat & Sun CLOSED OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
Farrago Market Café 264-4600 11AM-9PM CLOSED   CLOSED    
Higher Grounds 731-3666 6:30AM-7PM M-F, 7AM-7PM Sat & Sun OPEN 7AM-3PM   OPEN    
Kip’s Grill 264-3663 11AM-10PM CLOSED   OPEN @ 3PM    
La Taqueria of the San Juans 731-6674 11AM-9PM M-F, 8AM-9PM Sat & Sun CLOSED   CLOSED    
Lost Cajun 264-0608 11AM-9PM 11AM-9PM 11AM-9PM CLOSED    
Marconi’s 264-2431 4PM-8PM CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED    
McDonalds 731-1016 6AM-12PM 6AM-3PM 6AM-10PM CLOSED    
Old Town Natural Market & Deli 264-5200 7AM-7PM CLOSED   CLOSED    
Pagosa Baking Company 264-9348 7AM-2PM Mon & Tue, 7AM-5PM Wed-Sun OPEN until 1PM        
Pagosa Brewing Company 731-2739 11AM-10PM OPEN until 7PM Turkey and Menu        
Peak Deli 264-3354 8AM-3PM Mon-Sat, 8AM-2PM Sun CLOSED   CLOSED    
Ramon’s 731-3012 11AM-9PM M-Th, 11AM-10PM Fri &Sat CLOSED   CLOSED    
Rez Hill Grill 264-4173 4PM-9:30PM CLOSED   CLOSED    
Riff Raff Brewery 264-4677 11AM-10PM OPEN 4PM Regular Menu        
River Pointe Café 264-3216 7AM-6PM Mon-Sat, 7AM-4PM Sun Might be OPEN in the AM?        
River Sports Bar & Grill 264-5505 11AM-9PM Closed on Tue OPEN        
Rosie’s Pizzeria 731-0420 11AM-9PM Closed Tue 11PM-10PM Fri & Sat CLOSED   CLOSED    
Shang Hai 731-1688 11AM-9PM Closed Mon CLOSED   CLOSED    
Smoken’ Mo’s BBQ 731-6637 11AM-3:45PM CLOSED Thur-Sun   CLOSED Sun-Tue    
Shooters & Shenanagans 507-8700 11AM-11PM (restaurant 9PM) CLOSED   CLOSED    
Sonic 731-3811 7AM-10PM (Sat 11:00PM) CLOSED 7AM-10PM Depends on weather    
Tavern Le Boeuf 731-9463 4:30PM-9PM Tue-Sun, 10AM-2PM Sun Brunch          
Tequilas 264-9989 11AM-8 or 9PM OPEN until 8PM   OPEN until 8PM    
Thai Pagosa 507-8564 11:30AM-9PM CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED    
The Break Room 731-0566 12:00PM-2AM 5:00PM-2AM 5:00PM-2AM 5:00PM-2AM    
The Buck Stops Here 731-6328 10AM-9PM Mon-Sat, 10AM4PM Sun CLOSED   CLOSED    
The Junction 264-5729 6AM-7:30 or 8PM OPEN Traditional Menu        
The Lift Coffee House 264-0653 M-TH 6:30AM-2PM; F-SUN 6:30AM-5PM          
The Malt Shop 264-2784 7AM-7PM CLOSED 7AM-7PM CLOSED 7AM-7PM 7AM-7PM
The Rose 264-2955 7AM-2PM Mon-Fri, 7AM-1PM Sat & Sun CLOSED and Closed on Friday CLOSED CLOSED    
Wolf Creek Ski Area 264-5639 8:15AM-4:30PM 8:15AM-4:30PM 8:15AM-4:30PM 8:15AM-4:30PM    
Wolfe Brewing Company 731-9653 11AM-9PM for FOOD, BAR open later Thinks they will be CLOSED        

2 Responses to 2017 Holiday Hours for Pagosa Springs Restaurants

  1. Pam says:

    Which restaurants will be open on Dec 25th, Christmas Day? Or do we have to call each one to find out?

  2. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the resource. Many restaurants aren’t with the chamber though. http://www.pagosanow.com/category/food/ has the ones that aren’t a member of the chamber.

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