KSUT did a great job of getting our little mountain town ready for Keb’ Mo’ Band’s arrival in Pagosa Springs with an interview with the artist and lots of songs played during the two weeks prior to the 2011 Four Corner’s Folk Festival. Well Sunday night our desires were satiated when they arrived on stage as the final act of this year’s festival on Reservoir Hill. Below are some of the videos I shot from the left of he stage. Unfortunately, someone in the Patron area moved a speaker in our direction so much of the sound is crackly so it’s best to listen with the volume lower.

“Just Lookin” from his fabulous new album “The Reflection” “Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, my wandering eyes are staying right here…”

Final song of the Festival Sunday night: “Standin’ at the Station  From his 1996 album “Just Like You

“More Than One Way Home” from the 1996 album “Just Like You“.

The very fun song “France” from the 2004 album “Keep it Simple“.  This song may have earned him “boos” in Texas, but we loved it here in Pagosa Springs.

“The Whole Enchilada” from that great new album “The Reflection“.

“Closer” from the 2004 album “Keep it Simple

“She Just Wants to Dance” From 1994 album: Keb’ Mo’  (I listed this one last because the video is so poor…people kept crashing into my camera).

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