We made our first snowmen of the year Saturday and the snow was perfect.  I taught the kids how to create a round ball of snow and just roll it in the powdery snow around it to form a bigger and bigger snowball.  Sometimes the snow out here seems too dry to get that snowballing effect but not the case today.

We made a snowman to represent each member of our family and Katriel dressed hers up the best (of course).  Below is a video of Katriel explaining each  member in her own words.

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That’s me with the Mack Truck hat.

Here’s Katriel hugging here Mama.

We had built the snowmen on the north side of the home so that they would survive much of the winter. But the weather turned warmer here in Pagosa Springs and the snow turned to rain.  All that was left of our family of snowmen (below) was a heap of snow mounds.  Now how can I find those scarves?

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