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People keep asking me about the bear videos I’ve posted from time to time on YouTube & Facebook so I decided to create this page where you can view our three most popular videos in one place. Enjoy!

Three Little Bears in Pagosa Springs

I shot this video while showing property in Navajo River Ranch on August 03, 2008. We saw the cutest little bears on the side of the road and started shooting the video. We were, of course, careful not to get out of the car and it’s a good thing because take a look at big Mama at the end of the video!

Another Bear in Pagosa Springs, CO

We saw this little guy on Mosca Road between Sand & Coldwater Creeks where the Little Sand Fire is currently burning.  We shot the video on August 17, 2011 just days after a bear got into our trash in Lake Pagosa Park. It’s funny to hear Evan keep saying how bad the bear is “That bear knocked over our trash!” as if it was the same bear!

Hatcher Bear in Pagosa Springs, CO

This is our latest bear video that we shot on July 02, 2012 in the Lake Hatcher area. He was just meandering down the road and I grabbed my camera just in time to get him walking down Falcon before disappearing behind some houses. No, I did not chase him down the road. My mom was worried about the bear but I told her that there are sharks in the ocean but we still love swimming at the beach.

Bear Video Locations
See the map below to view where I shot each video:

View Pagosa Springs Bear Videos Locations in a larger map