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Mention the majestic aspen trees of Pagosa Springs, Colorado and most of us think of the amazing fall colors we experience in the gorgeous Pagosa landscapes.  But spring is equally exciting for us locals.  Watching the tulips bloom, the grass begin to green and the leaves budding is a sign that a long winter has indeed ended.

Below are photos I took last night as I prepared to put Evan to bed.  Mellane was very excited to see that the aspen were just starting to bud in our yard so I thought I would take a few shots for her.  Little did I know that I would spend more than an hour photographing this unfolding of nature’s spring brilliance.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado demands that you venture outside.  Enjoy the photos and please call me for the best of Pagosa Springs real estate.

D. West Davies

Can you see the tiny bug hiding in the picture below?  I’ve cropped closer in the subsequent pictures so you can get a better look.

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Piedra Road is a beautiful drive in Pagosa Springs from HWY 160 all the way up to Williams Creek Reservoir.   Below are pictures I took on New Years Day 2001 after a heavy snowfall.  Enjoy the pictures and be sure to watch the videos as well including our latest “Driving Pagosa Springs” video showing the massive amounts of snow up near the lake.  More “All Things Pagosa” snow-related stories.

You can also check out this area in the fall in our Pagosa Springs Fall Colors — Upper Piedra Road post.

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Pagosa Peak is Pagosa’s most popular mountain.  In town it serves as a navigational tool.  When you see Pagosa Peak you know which way is north.  I took these pictures January 1 from various points on Piedra Road heading up to Williams Creek Reservoir.

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“All Things Pagosa” readers know by now that the Upper Piedra area is our favorite part of Pagosa Springs.  And Williams Creek Reservoir is an extra special destination.   I took the picture below two days after Christmas just before my camera battery died.

Farther below are pictures I took on New Year’s Day after several days of heavy snow in the area.  This is quite a difference from the Williams Lake Fall Pictures we published this past October.

See pictures of this incredible area in it’s fall splendor.

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We made our first snowmen of the year Saturday and the snow was perfect.  I taught the kids how to create a round ball of snow and just roll it in the powdery snow around it to form a bigger and bigger snowball.  Sometimes the snow out here seems too dry to get that snowballing effect but not the case today.

We made a snowman to represent each member of our family and Katriel dressed hers up the best (of course).  Below is a video of Katriel explaining each  member in her own words.

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Cimarrona Campgrounds in Pagosa Springs is a popular spot for hiking, fishing and hunting enthusiasts.  It is located 27 miles northwest of Pagosa Springs and 2.3 miles north of Teal Campground on Forest Road 640 just above Williams Creek Reservoir which is stocked with kokanee salmon and trout.  It features 21 campsites some of which can handle large RV’s.  The campground has water provides trash pickup and vault toilets.

I took these pictures on October 12, 2010 hoping to get the brilliant blue skies that Pagosa is known for but got to the site a little too late in the day and the clouds were already gathering above the mountains.

View the rest of the Williams Creek Lake Fall Colors collection
View more great “All Things Pagosa” Fall Colors pictures & video

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What a perfect day for a parade here in Pagosa Springs. This year’s parade was on Saturday, July 3 to accommodate Sunday church services.  The temperature was perfect (not too hot) and the skies were perfect Pagosa blue.

Below is a three part video series covering the entire parade with parade participants listed below each video.  Please contact me for participant misspellings or omissions.

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Pagosa Springs Relay For Life — 2010 Pagosa Springs, Colorado St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photo

We all enjoyed a gorgeous day in Pagosa Springs today for the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The temperature rose to the high 50’s with crystal blue skies and a festive atmosphere.

My pictures are never too impressive with this parade because of the position of the sun in the late afternoon. I’m hoping the organizers will consider reversing the route so the parade runs east to west from now on. That way the sun will be at the viewers’ back with the mountains behind the participants. Read Full Article →

One of my favorite blogs to follow is “Please Turn Back the Years” by Pagosa Springs native Billy Willet who says he is “a displaced Pagosa Springs refugee. Left this little piece of heaven in the San Juan Mountains at the age of 17 to join the Navy. Honorably discharged after completed a so-called kiddie cruise just under four years. Retired from a major aerospace mfg. and now spend my days nursing aches and pains.”

From: “Then and Now

The Great Pagosa Hot Springs in the 1890s

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Enjoy the pictures below of the 2008 Pagosa Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade which ran along Hwy 160 from Sixth Street east to Second Street.  I believe we had about 25 participants with prizes awarded to  best overall entry, the greenest entry and the most bizarre entry.  Please visit my Pagosa Springs Real Estate website to view and download individual pictures of the parade.

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