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Below is a playlist of some of my favorite wintertime “Driving Pagosa Springs” videos. My favorites still  include my drive up Indian Land Road after a heavy snow along with Snowball Road, Wolf Creek Pass and Navajo River Road. Thank you for visiting my website and please call me if you are interested in purchasing property here.


Driving Pagosa Springs Winter Videos


MLS:        675208
Acres:     35
Price:      $350,000

Let’s face it. You don’t move to Pagosa Springs from the big city to have your new neighbors right on top of you. And hey, massive mountain views are not bad either. Introducing Continental Divide Ranch, Lot 1B, a unique 35-acre ranch comprising mostly usable, rolling land with electricity, telephone, central water and some of the best views Pagosa Springs has to offer. Preview this property today and take in some of the best views of Navajo Peak and Band Peaks in gorgeous Chromo, Colorado. 


Continental Divide Aerial PLat


Continental Divide Aerial PLat

Continental Divide Ranch Lot 1B Plat


Note: The maps and Property Owners Association Information below are for preliminary reference only and should not be taken as fact. Please contact your Pagosa Springs Realtor for the most up-to-date information.
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Continental Divide Ranch
Design Review Committee Rules for Continental Divide Ranch
Rules and Regulations of Continental Divide Ranch Water System
Bylaws of Continental Divide Ranch Property Owners Association








Brutally cold mornings with crystal blue skies are my favorite time to photograph following a Pagosa Springs snow storm. The snow and ice still clings to everything standing and you have a short window capture to beauty before the sun melts away the unique scenery. I shot these photos up Steven’s Lake Road Sunday morning with the hope of capturing the snow-caked mountains reflecting off Stevens Lake. But photography is a game of seconds sometimes. The clouds moved quickly to obscure Pagosa Peak so I gave up on the mountain shots and focussed instead on the trees. Enjoy.

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Pagosa’s Snowball Road is one of the most beautiful drives close to town and the pictures and videos below showcase just how much snow you can expect to see on this amazing drive.



Below are some pictures I took this morning on my way to work of the grounds of the Fred Harman Museum in Pagosa Springs. It snowed in Pagosa Springs all weekend and I took the opportunity to capture a few winter shots before getting locked up in the office the rest of the day.

Mr. Harman was one of the founders of the Cowboy Artists of America and is recognized as “one of the country’s foremost painters of the American West. He is probably best known as the creator of the Red Ryder and Little Beaver comic strip which was nationally syndicated from 1938-1964.

The Fred Harman museum is located just south of the Piedra Road/Hwy 160 intersection next to the Wells Fargo Bank.

More Pagosa Springs Winter Photos & Videos


Below are some additional shots a little farther down the road from the Harmon Museum.


Most of us have hiked some parts of the Piedra River Trail in Pagosa Springs.  But hike it in the spring and you may not recognize it with its mammoth icicles and waterfalls pouring in to the river all over the place.   Spring is time of rebirth in the mountains and the high country feeds the rivers with snow melt as the days grow long and warm.

The Piedra River Trail is outstanding place to view nature replenishing  the rivers.  Find a dry rock and just sit and listen to the drop, drop drop of water falling upon the rocks by your feet and the river rushes by.

Below are pictures  and video that I shot on April 8, 2008  that I just got around to editing and posting.  Enjoy.

Some hikers exit the trail on the north end. The views are so expansive when you leave the canyon

Piedra Road is a beautiful drive in Pagosa Springs from HWY 160 all the way up to Williams Creek Reservoir.   Below are pictures I took on New Years Day 2001 after a heavy snowfall.  Enjoy the pictures and be sure to watch the videos as well including our latest “Driving Pagosa Springs” video showing the massive amounts of snow up near the lake.  More “All Things Pagosa” snow-related stories.

You can also check out this area in the fall in our Pagosa Springs Fall Colors — Upper Piedra Road post.

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Pagosa Peak is Pagosa’s most popular mountain.  In town it serves as a navigational tool.  When you see Pagosa Peak you know which way is north.  I took these pictures January 1 from various points on Piedra Road heading up to Williams Creek Reservoir.

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“All Things Pagosa” readers know by now that the Upper Piedra area is our favorite part of Pagosa Springs.  And Williams Creek Reservoir is an extra special destination.   I took the picture below two days after Christmas just before my camera battery died.

Farther below are pictures I took on New Year’s Day after several days of heavy snow in the area.  This is quite a difference from the Williams Lake Fall Pictures we published this past October.

See pictures of this incredible area in it’s fall splendor.

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We made our first snowmen of the year Saturday and the snow was perfect.  I taught the kids how to create a round ball of snow and just roll it in the powdery snow around it to form a bigger and bigger snowball.  Sometimes the snow out here seems too dry to get that snowballing effect but not the case today.

We made a snowman to represent each member of our family and Katriel dressed hers up the best (of course).  Below is a video of Katriel explaining each  member in her own words.

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I shot this great video during Christmas 2008 during a big snowstorm.  It’s been very popular on my “All Things Pagosa” YouTube channel and we thought we’d share it with here one more time.  My favorite part of the video is minute 1:45 when the little girl reaches for the snow and she’s disappointed because the snow melts in her hands which are warm from the hot springs.   If you feel you can’t get enough, check out the video I prepared of my drive to the office that morning below the Pagosa Hot Springs video.

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